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Spring 2009

WE’RE BACK!!!: For those who have just been sitting around fretting about the lack of newsletters for the last year and half, fret no more! We had to take some time from the newsletter writing business. Either that or we just forgot. But now we are recharged and armed with a list of topics to bring to your attention. Enjoy!


BOATING & DOCK SAFETY: Since we are starting a new boating season, I thought it would be a good time to remind you of some boating and dock safety tips. First of all, PLEASE leave the dock slow and return to the dock slow – this is for your safety and that of your passengers and our dock boys. Remember, there is no brake pedal on your boat and your forward momentum will directly correspond to the sickening crack of your hull on the dock. Also, please refrain from having someone stand on your bow to toss a line at the dock boys. Your passengers need to remain seated when you bring in your boat. Again, if you come in too fast and hit the dock, the person leaning off your bow is going to be a projectile.


RULE REFRESH: Seems like every year we mention the same items to you, but these are popular topics on the newsletter topic list, so we can only assume you guys aren’t getting it. Here’s the shortest version of this list we can write:

1. Lower Bimini tops and antennas before leaving your boat. This is important for two reasons: If the antenna and/or bimini top is down, it can’t be torn up. Thus, putting these items down will save you HUGE amounts of time, energy and pain. Additionally, when your antenna and/or bimini top are down, this signals to us that you are finished with your boat and that we may re-rack it. This saves US huge amounts of energy trying to track you down to find out if you are finished for the day and we truly appreciate that extra consideration!

2. DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE BOATS STORED OUTSIDE. They do occasionally get launched (believe it or not). Again, if your keys are not handy, the forklift will be called in to “re-park” you.

3. Do not attempt to move your boat to and from the forklift dock unless specifically invited to do so by a CMS employee. ONLY Dock boys are permitted to do this. EVERYONE is guilty of violating this rule, but this is a critical safety and liability issue. Our insurance would take a major hit if we were sued because of an injury on the forklift dock to someone other than an employee of CMS. So please do not do this!!


TRAILER WOES: Trailer loadings are $50.00 per load. This is listed as #13 on the Rules and Regulations sheet on your contract. If you have misplaced this rule sheet, please contact the office and get another copy. This rule also applies to loadings done in preparation for hurricanes. Please familiarize yourself with the Rules and Regulations sheet. Most of them are common sense items, but they are there to protect us and you. During your time with Casper’s, you will get two free trailer loads/unloads: the day you arrive and the day you leave. Beyond this, you will be held accountable for a $50 fee for ANY other time we load the boat on a trailer. You can avoid this fee by launching the boat, and loading it on your trailer at the boat ramp of your choice. If you still want us to load your boat, PLEASE call at least the day prior to arrange it.



Every year, like clockwork, people start coming out of the woodwork to use their boats the first time it gets a little warm inland. We want to let you guys in on a little secret… it is still cold and windy on the coast!! Just because it is 80 degrees in Raleigh does not mean it is in Swansboro. Remember way back in October and November when it was warmer on the coast than it was inland? Well the reverse is true in the Spring. Water takes a long time to warm up and a long time to cool off. That being said, you really have another 6 weeks before it is nice enough to go boating. Not that we don’t want to see you, but when you show up in March and April in your shorts and take the boat out and return 30 minutes later blue and shaking, it isn’t fun. It is just plain sad. Now that you are forewarned, if you still want to use your boat you need to remember to call AT LEAST A WEEK OUT to have your boat de-winterized. We will crank it up, check the steering, knock the dirt off, and charge the battery for you if needed. If you don’t give us advance notice, we have no way of knowing that you wanted your boat dewinterized. More than likely this means your boat may not run and be covered with a layer of dirt. In the same vein, we use the offseason to perform much-needed maintence on the Marina. For example we recently painted the office, treated the dry stack, and we’re doing schedule maintenance on the forklift in order to keep it running in tip top shape. Please remember this when planning spring boating trips and call ahead to make sure we can accommodate you.



LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Susan has requested that you visit the office to ensure we have a valid email address/phone number for you and update who is premitted to use your boat/account.




Easter – April 12th

Mother’s Day – May 10th

Memorial Day – May 25th

High School Graduation – June 11th

Father’s Day – June 21st


Boat Cleaning

Chris Sewell wanted us to remind everyone that he is available for cleaning/detailing boats. In addition he also does inshore and near shore fishing charters. Sooo if you are looking for a gift for your favorite fishermen/boater you might want to give Chris a call and see if you can work something out. He can be reached at: 910-459-2258 or 910-325-5793



Neutragena spray sunscreen has turned several vinyl cushions orange. You may want to keep that in mind when using this product.